In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, most of us have been practicing social distancing to help stop coronavirus. Worry, fear, and anxiety are common during the time of uncertainty. To maintain the positive outlook, CADA initiated and organized the webinar series called “CADA HAPPY HOUR” through which we can stay connected, focus on something we love, and lift our spirit at this trying time.  Please check out our schedule below and tune in to these presentations.

Zoom Meeting ID: 963 567 692


2021 CADA Happy Hour Schedule

2/26 CADA virtual celebration and get together
3/19 (Rana Gupta, UT Southwestern) Adipose Tissue Remodeling by Functionally Diverse Adipose Progenitor Subpopulations.
4/16 (Zheng Sun, Baylor Colleage of Medicine) Timing in Metabolism.
5/21 (Ming Xu, U Conn) Targeting p21-highly-expresing cells in adipose tissue alleviates insulin resistance with obesity.
9/24 (Xiaowei Chen, Peking University) Scrambling in Lipid Transport and Tissue Homeostasis.
10/8 (Yingqun Huang, Yale University) Let-7 underlies metformin-induced inhibition of hepatic glucose production.
10/22 (Wenbiao Chen, Vanderbilt University) Using Zebrafish to Understand Mechanisms of Islet Endocrine Cell Proliferation and Death.
11/5 (Sheng Wu, Temple University) Sexual dimorphism in the effects of androgens on glucose homeostasis and PCOS.
11/18 (Ming-Dian Li, Southwest Hospital Chongqing) Time to Eat Reveals the Hierarchy of Peripheral Clocks.

12/2 (Changtao Jiang, Peking University) TBA.

12/16 (Ling Qi, U Michigan) TBA.

Kickoff of 2022 CADA Happy Hour:

1/6/2022 (Robert H. Yang, UNSW) TBA.