CADA Meeting 2022

Please click the following video for a beautiful memory of the 2022 CDAD Annual Meeting!

Please join us for 2022 CADA Annual Meeting in New Orleans.


Date: June 1-3, 2022

Location: Marriott Metairie at Lakeway  |  3838 N. Causeway Blvd, Metairie, LA 70002


Meeting Registration: Online registration is closed. On-site registration is available during the meeting. 

Hotel Reservation:

Or call 1-866-882-4377 and request the “Chinese American Diabetes Association” discount rate.


Final Scientific Program is published now. 

Evening June 01

6:30 pm-9:00 pm      Reception (New Orleans Room)

Morning June 02

6:30 am -7:30 am     Continental Breakfast (St. Tammany Ballroom)

Keynote Presentation (Chair: Xiaoyong Yang, PhD)      7:30am-8:30am

  • 7:30am-8:00am: Shengcai Lin, PhD, Professor, Xiamen University, Academician of CAS.

Title: Glucose sensing and implications.

  • 8:00am-8:30am: Baoliang Song, PhD, Academician of CAS. Professor and Dean, College of Life Sciences & TaiKang Medical School; Director, TaiKang Center for Life and Medical Sciences, Wuhan University, Professor and Dean,

Title: Cholesterol in Development and Disease

Talk Session 1 (Chair: Chunmei Wang & Yanlin He, Jefferson Grand Ballroom)      8:30am-9:40am  

  • Guojun Shi, PhD., Professor, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou. 8:30am-8:45am.

Title: Genetic Screen Identifies RBBP as an Essential ATF4 Regulator in Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Associated Liver Damage

  • Jade Zhang, Graduate Student, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia. 8:45am-9:00am

Title: Blocking peripheral Y1 receptor signaling improves energy balance under alternate-day fasting

  • Yue Li, Postdoc at Sun Yat-sen University. 9:00am-9:15am

Title: Bacteroides ovatus-mediated CD27 – MAIT cell activation is associated with obesity-related T2D progression.

  • Nan Zhang, PhD. Postdoc at Baylor College of Medicine. 9:15am-9:30am

Title: Estradiol actions on amygdalar perineuronal nets regulate blood glucose.

  • Sponsor Talk 1: Biocytogen 9:30am-9:40am.

9:40am-9:50 am      Coffee Break

Talk Session 2 (Chair: Dongyin Guan & Zong Wei)  9:50 am- 11: 00 am

  • Dongying Guan, PhD. Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. 9: 50 am- 10: 05 am

Title: Hepatocyte SREBP signaling mediates intraorgan clock communication in liver.

  • Valeria Torres, Graduate Student, University of Illinois Chicago. 10:05am-10:20am

Title: FOXO1 promotes sexually dimorphic effects on energy balance in the preoptic anterior hypothalamus

  • Qiantao Zheng, PhD. Postdoc at U. Michigan. 10:20am-10: 35am

Title: Hepatocyte N6-methyladenosine mRNA modification in hepatic gluconeogenesis and diabetes

  • Meng Yu, PhD. Postdoc at Baylor College of Medicine. 10: 35 am-10:50 am

Title: A novel neuroendocrine mechanism underlying lactational hyperprolactinemia and hyperphagia.

  • Sponsor Talk 2: AbClonal 10:50am -11: 00am

Coffee Break  11: 00 am-11: 10 am     

Talk Session 3 (Chair: Bingning Dong & Zhiping Pang)

  • Sheng Wu, PhD. Associate Professor at Temple University. 11: 10 am-11: 25am

Title: Deletion androgen receptor improved glucose homeostasis but not energy expenditure and food intake under elevated androgen condition in female mice.

  • Anying Song, PhD. Postdoc at City of Hope. 11:25am-11:40am

Title: Molecular and functional heterogeneity of brown adipose tissue.

  • Gang Li, PhD. Postdoc at UT-Houston. 11:40am-11:55am

Title: Adipose tissue-specific ablation of Ces1d causes metabolic dysregulation in mice.

  • Sponsor Talk 3: GemPharmatech-US 11: 55am -12:05pm

Group picture. 12:05pm-12:10pm

Lunch      12: 10pm -1:30 pm  (St. Tammany Ballroom) 

Afternoon June 02

Talk session 4 (Chair: Jiujiu Yu & Pingwen Xu)        1:30pm- 3:00 pm

  • Jiujiu Yu, PhD, Assistant Professor, U. Nebraska-Lincoln. 1:30pm-1:45pm

Title: Garlic chive-derived exosome-like nanoparticles inhibit the NLRP3 inflammasome in obesity

  • Baijie Xu, PhD. Postdoc at UT Southwestern Medical Center. 1:45pm-2:00pm

Title: A causal role for the genetic variant OtpQ153R/+ in human obesity.

  • Cedric Shi, Graduate Student at University of Illinois Chicago. 2:00pm-2:15pm

Title: Dynamic control of adipose tissue development and adult tissue homeostasis by platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha

  • Jing Cai, Graduate Student at UT-Houston. 2:15pm-2: 30pm

Title: The anorexigenic role of VTA glutamatergic neurons in promoting obesity resistance.

  • Sponsor Talk 4: TSE 2: 30pm-2:40pm.

Coffee Break     2:40pm – 2: 50pm

Talk Session 5 (Chair: Yan Li & Xing Zeng) 2:50 pm – 4: 00 pm

  • Xing Zeng, PhD. Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center. 2:50am-3:05pm

Title: CLSTN3B enhances lipid droplet function via endoplasmic reticulum contacts

  • X. Charlie Dong, PhD. Professor at Indiana University. 3:05pm-3:20pm

Title: Epigenetic and transcriptional regulation of hepatic function.

  • Eryun Zhang, PhD. Postdoc at City of Hope. 3:20pm-3:35pm

Title: Intestinal AMPK modulation of microbiota mediates cross-talk with brown fat to control thermogenesis

  • Hongming Su, PhD. Postdoc at U. Minnesota. 3:35pm-3:50pm

Title: Lipocalin 2 deficiency impairs mitochondrial dynamics and phospholipid metabolism in brown adipocytes.

  • Pei Luo, Graduate Student, University of Illinois Chicago. 3:50pm-4:05pm

Title: Short-chain fatty acids decrease food intake through free fatty acid receptors in the brain.

  • Sponsor Talk 5: Vazyme. 4:05pm-4:15pm

Coffee Break    4:15 pm -4:25 pm 

Talk session 6 (Chair Yuwei Jiang & Yu An)      4:25 pm- 5:50 pm

  • Yuwei Jiang, PhD. Assistant Professor at University of Illinois Chicago. 4:25pm-4:40pm

Title: Title: In vivo analysis reveals progenitor-like characteristics in a subgroup of UCP1+ cells.

  • Yang He, PhD. Postdoc at Baylor College of Medicine. 4:40pm-4: 55pm

Title: A food odor sensitive neuro-circuit regulates food intake.

  • Zhichao Wang, PhD. Postdoc at City of Hope. 4:55pm- 5:10 pm

Title: Intercellular triglyceride tracing method to study triglyceride metabolism.

  • Zhen Chen, PhD. Associate Professor at City of Hope. 5:10pm-5:25pm

Title: Endothelial Regulation by Enhancer-Associated Long non-coding RNA.

  • Yanyan Jiang, PhD. Postdoc at UT-Houston. 5:25pm-5: 40 \pm

Title: A novel mechanism underlying leptin resistance in obesity development.

  • Sponsor Talk 6: RWD 5:40pm-5:50pm

Dinner (CADA award announcement & celebration) 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm 

Morning June 03

6:30 am -7:30 am     Continental Breakfast (Jefferson Grand Ballroom)

Keynote Presentation (Chair: Qingchun Tong, PhD)      8:00am-8:30am

  • Keynote Talk. Prof. Weiping Jia. Shanghai Jiaotong University, Academician of CAE. 8:00am-8:30am

Title: Development of new technologies for diabetes diagnosis and treatment: Thirty years of thinking and practice

Talk Session 7. (Chair: Shuibing Chen and Hai-bin Ruan). 8:30am-9:55am

  • Tongjin Zhao PhD. Professor at Fudan University. 8:30am-8:45am.   Title: A dual role of DDB1 in regulating the functions of adipose tissues.
  • Pingwen Xu, PhD. Assistant Professor at University of Illinois Chicago. 8:45am-9:00am
  • Yiping Chen, PhD. Professor and Chair, Tulane University. 9:00 am-9: 15 am

Title: Discovery and functional assessment of a novel population 1of adipocytes in mammals

  • Yi Zhu, PhD., Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine.  9:15am-9:30am

Title: Epigenetic and transcriptional regulation of hepatic function.

  • Xujing Wang, PhD. Program officer at NIDDK. 9:30 am-9:45 am

Title: A brief overview of NIDDK funding programs

  • Sponsor Talk 7: Sinocare 9:45am-9:55am

CADA board report      9:45 am-9:55am

      Xiaoyong Yang, PhD and Qiong Annabel Wang, PhD

CADA election       9:55 am- 10-30am 

Meeting adjourn    10:30am