CADA Meeting 2017

The Chinese American Diabetes Association (CADA)’s 8th Scientific Symposium was held on June 7-9, at Western Plus Island Palms Hotel & Marina, San Diego, California, a city known for its mild weather year-round, natural deep-water harbor, and a wide variety of beaches and amenities. Close to 100 members, fellows and graduate students attended the meeting, many of whom presented their exciting unpublished work. The Scientific Symposium was partially supported by Cyagen Bioscience INC.,Sinocare Inc. and Biocytogen LLC.

The meeting program was developed by CADA secretary Dr. Ling Qi (Michigan). On behalf of the meeting organizers, Dr. Qi introduced the meeting arrangement and housekeeping business, and the current CADA president Dr. Jiandie Lin (Michigan) gave a welcome remarks and a brief summary of CADA/CADA member’s achievements during the past year. The scientific program of this meeting was composed of 10 sessions with 4-5 speakers each, covering Cell Biology of Diabetes, Adipose/Immune Cell Biology, Inflammation, Thermogenesis, Liver/muscle, Mitochondria Function, Lipid Metabolism, Drug Discovery, Emerging Topics, Career Development and CADA Business.  The sessions were chaired by Drs.   Jianhua Shao (UCSD)、Liqing Yu (Georgia)、Yong Xu(Baylor)、Yugene Chen (Michigan) 、Xiaoyong Yang (Yale) 、Henry Dong (Pittsburgh) 、Liangyou Rui (Michigan) 、Qin Yang (UC Irvine) 、Zhengping Yi (Wayne) and Yi Tan (Louisville).  Several hot topics such as immuno-metabolism, browning of white fat, lnRNA/miRNA and metabolism, central control of energy metabolism, muscle/liver/lipid metabolism, and diabetes therapeutics were presented and discussed.  This meeting provided an excellent forum for CADA members to share their latest research, develop new collaborations, and interact with colleagues in China.

A Career Development workshop was prominently featured in the meeting program to provide advice for junior faculty, fellows, and graduate students. This session was chaired by Dr. Yugene Chen(workshop)and involved the participation of several other senior members including Drs. Feng Liu(UTHSCSA)、Jianping Ye(Louisiana)、Lu Cai (Louisville)、Zhongmin Ma (Michigan)、Lily Dong (UTHSCSA)、Gensheng Feng (UCSD)), who shared their success, experiences and thoughts, and answered questions from the audience. The discussion mainly focused on the issues facing junior faculty and fellows, including job interviews, talks, grants, tenure and promotion.  Many junior members found this panel discussion particularly helpful as they transition into the next stage of their career.

The current CADA president Dr. Jiandie Lin awarded this year’s CADA Achievement Award recipient Dr. Lu Cai in recognition and appreciation of his scientific achievement and valuable contributions to CADA, and Young Investigator Award recipient Dr. Yonghao Yu for his early career accomplishments. Dr. Lin expressed deep gratitude to Dr. Mengwei Zang, who retired as Treasurer from the board, and acknowledged her dedication to the financial work of the association. At the end of meeting, members voted to update the CADA bylaw and elected new board members. Dr. Ling Qi was elected as the President-Elect, whose term will start after the next meeting in June 2018. Dr. Meilian Liu was elected as Secretary along with two new board members, Drs. Yong Xu and Yi Tan, who will serve as Membership director and Treasurer, respectively.

Cheers to all the participants for making the 8th CADA meeting a huge success and for sharing their sciences and friendship. We look forward to seeing you at the 9th CADA Scientific Symposium, June 20-21, 2018, in the one and only paradise – Orlando, Florida.

6月20-22日,在美丽的奥兰多, 一个因迪士尼世界、环球影城冒险岛乐园而声名遐迩的旅游观光胜地,第九届北美华人糖尿病协会 (Chinese American Diabetes Association, CADA)学术年会在这里隆重举行。 CADA主要是由在北美高校和研究所担任助理教授及以上职位,或制药公司担任group leader及以上职位,从事代谢和糖尿病研究的华裔科学家组成,也有一部分来自中国、澳大利亚和新加坡。此届150位与会人员除CADA会员外,还有一批前来汇报、展示研究成果的研究生和博士后。会议得到Cyagen,Sinocare, Biocytogen,Sable System, Proteintech, GemPharmatech, Cell Biologics,Research Diets, 和Data Sciences公司大力支持。

CADA秘书长刘美莲教授 (New Mexico) 代表会议组织者介绍本次会议安排、接待等相关事项。现任CADA主席林建谍教授 (Michigan)代表协会致欢迎辞,并热情洋溢地介绍CADA和CADA会员在过去一年取得的辉煌成就。

“分享学术成就,促进交流合作”是历年来CADA学术大会的重头戏。此次年会设10个专场,各会场在邹明辉(Georgia State)、邵建华(USCD)、李志浩(Harvard)、黄文栋(City of Hope)、童青春(UTHH)、徐勇(Baylor)、林建谍、齐岭(Michigan)、陈育庆 (Michigan) 、董丽丽 (UTHSA) 、董恒江 (Pittsburgh) 、余永豪(UTSW)、芮良友 (Michigan) 、余立清 (Georgia State)、刘振启 (Virginia)、刘勇 (武汉大学)、杨晓勇 (Yale) 、 郭绍东(Texas A&M)等教授主持下有条不紊地进行,30多位会员及专家的学术报告精彩纷呈,气氛热烈,高潮迭起,内容涵括Pancreatic biology, Adipose/Immune Cell Biology, Hepatic biology, Cell Biology of Diabetes, Liver/muscle, Mitochondria Function, ER stress, Lipid Metabolism, 和Drug Discovery等。同时,会议赞助商们从糖尿病治疗、预防、研究手段等方面介绍了市场的最新信息。CADA秘书长刘美莲教授 (New Mexico) 代表会议组织者介绍本次会议安排、接待等相关事项。现任CADA主席林建谍教授 (Michigan)代表协会致欢迎辞,并热情洋溢地介绍CADA和CADA会员在过去一年取得的辉煌成就。

以“职业发展”为主题的专题讨论会(workshop)继续受到年轻教授、博士后和研究生的热烈欢迎。专题会由陈育庆教授主持,邹明辉、刘振启、林建谍、齐岭、臧梦维 (UTHSA) 等几位资深教授分享他们职业发展中成功经验、丰富经历和独特见解,热情解答在寻找工作机会、面试、职位晋升、课题申请、实验室建设管理等方面的问题。大家高兴地看到, 经过14年发展, CADA 已经由当初20位会员发展到170位会员,并形成“传帮带”、“共同进步”和“乐于分享”等优良传统,CADA会员与中华医学会糖尿病分会(CDS)及许多科研机构建立紧密合作, 为中国糖尿病研究做出了贡献。

会议期间,CADA主席林建谍教授、候任主席齐岭教授为第三届 CADA Achievement Award和CADA Young Investigator Award获奖者陈育庆、吴骏(Michigan)和孔栋 (Tufts)等教授颁奖,祝贺他们在各自研究领域中取得的优异成绩和(或)对CADA成立和发展所作的突出贡献,鼓励大家向他们学习。CADA 理事郭绍东教授组织由吴骏, 王一国 (Tsinghua U), 杨勤 (UC Davis), 阮海斌 (U Minnesota)和孙凯 (UTHH)等教授组成的评审委员会,评选了7位优秀fellowship奖并颁奖。他们分别是孙声一 (UTSW), 史国军 (Michigan), 李欣 (Michigan), 王春梅 (Baylor COM), 熊雪莲 (Michigan), 高笑静 (Shanghai Institute) 和 林倩 (Louisville) 。 CADA 理事谭毅教授向大会汇报了协会财务状况。大会接受CADA主席林建谍教授辞呈,感谢他多年来为CADA健康持续发展所做出的卓越贡献。从本届年会起,齐岭教授担任CADA主席。新老主席圆满完成交接并发表声情并茂的讲话。以“职业发展”为主题的专题讨论会(workshop)继续受到年轻教授、博士后和研究生的热烈欢迎。专题会由陈育庆教授主持,邹明辉、刘振启、林建谍、齐岭、臧梦维 (UTHSA) 等几位资深教授分享他们职业发展中成功经验、丰富经历和独特见解,热情解答在寻找工作机会、面试、职位晋升、课题申请、实验室建设管理等方面的问题。大家高兴地看到, 经过14年发展, CADA 已经由当初20位会员发展到170位会员,并形成“传帮带”、“共同进步”和“乐于分享”等优良传统,CADA会员与中华医学会糖尿病分会(CDS)及许多科研机构建立紧密合作, 为中国糖尿病研究做出了贡献。

历时两天的学术大会圆满完成全部议程,在热烈的掌声中降下帷幕。让我们期待2019年6月5-7日旧金山(San Francisco)再会。