In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, most of us have been practicing social distancing to help stop coronavirus. Worry, fear, and anxiety are common during the time of uncertainty. To maintain the positive outlook, CADA initiated and organized the webinar series called “CADA HAPPY HOUR” through which we can stay connected, focus on something we love, and lift our spirit at this trying time.  Please check out our schedule below and tune in to these presentations.

Zoom Meeting ID: 963 567 692


09/11/2020-12/11/20 Fridays at 11 AM EST

9/11 (Shuibing Chen_Weill Cornell) Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Based Disease Modeling and Drug Screening.
9/18 (Xiaoying Li_Fudan University) Progression from NAFLD to Diabetes.
9/25 (Haijiang Cai_U of Arizona) Feeding Regulation by Neural Circuits of Brain Regions for Emotion.
10/2 (Zhuzhen Zhang_UTSW) Dermal Adipose Tissue – The New Kid on the Block.
10/9 (Zhao Zhang_UTSW) New Mechanisms of Metabolic Diseases Identified by Forward Genetic Screening.
10/16 (Tiffany Horng_ShanghaiTech) Metabolic Control of Macrophage Biology.
10/23 (Chi Luo_Zhejiang University) Contributions of the Gluconeogenic Program to Obesity/Diabetes-associated Liver Cancer.
10/30 (Yanlin He_Pennington Biomedical) Estrogen-Responsive Neurons in the Ventrolateral VMH Regulate glucose Balance.
November Special Sessions:11/13 (Randy Levinson_Cell Metabolism) How to Navigate the Publishing Process at Scientific Journals.
11/27 (Beijing time) CADA Session at CDS2020.

12/4 (Xianlin Han_UTHSCSA) Functional lipidomics sheds light on diabetic neuropathy.

12/11 (Zhen Chen_City of Hope) Non-Coding RNA-Mediated Endothelial Stress Response in Diabetes.


3/23/2020-07/10/20 Weekdays at 11 AM EST

Moderator: Hai-Bin Ruan_UMN
3/23 (Xiaoyong Yang_Yale) To die or not to die: OGT in liver physiology and disease.
3/24 (Li Qiang_Columbia) Connection of liver inflammation with metabolic dysfunctions by Pu.1.
3/25 (Xiangbo Ruan*_NHLBI) In vivo functional analysis of lncRNA metabolic regulators, from mouse to human.
3/26 (Yonghao Yu_UTSW) From Known Unknowns to Unknown Unknowns: Elucidating the Dark Matter within the Human Proteome.
3/27 (Meilian Liu_U New Mexico) Adipose lipokines in intermittent fasting-mediated metabolic improvements.
3/30 (Suneng Fu_Tsinghua) An Amino Acid-Centric Reconstruction of Hepatic Metabolism in Mice.
3/31 (Ling Qi_Michigan) Seeing is believing: defining the role of ERAD in health and disease.
4/1 (Zong Wei_Mayo) Chromatin dynamics, diabetes and beyond: balancing the homeostatic equation.
4/2 (Jun Liu_Mayo) Lipolysis – Why old school biochemistry still matters.
4/3 (Dongyin Guan*_UPenn) Timing Is Everything:  From circadian clocks to liver physiology and diseases.
Moderator: Qiong (Annabel) Wang_City of Hope
4/6 (Yong Xu_Baylor) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire of Melanocortin Neurons
4/7 (Wenxian Fu_UCSD) Macrophages: old dogs new tricks
4/8 (H. Robert Yang_UNSW) New Insights into Cellular Lipid Storage and Trafficking: Implications for Adipogenesis and Cardiovascular Disorders
4/9 (Wendong Huang_City of Hope) Bile-ology: what can we learn from metabolic surgery
4/10 (Ling Yang_Iowa) The Impact of Inflammatory Signaling on Organelle Stress Response in the Context of Obesity
Moderator: Li Qiang_Columbia
4/13 (Chaodong Wu_Texas A&M): Gut bugs matter: Role of microbiota metabolite indole in obesity and metabolic diseases.
4/14 (Yan Wang_Wuhan U): Human Genetics and Dyslipidemia: From Non-synonymous Variants to Non-coding Variants
4/15 (Di Ren*_U of South Florida): Cardiac Metabolic Homeostasis under Ischemic Stress in Aging.
4/16 (Jiandie Lin_Michigan): Metabolic tissue microenvironment in health and disease
4/17 (Juli  Bai_UT Health San Antonio): The cGAS Pathway: A Molecular Link between Immunity and Metabolism
Moderator: Wenxian Fu_UCSD
4/20 (Kai Sun_UTH Houston) Insight into new factors in control of fat metabolism
4/21 (Liangyou Rui, Michigan) Brain, fat, and liver chat in obesity
4/22 (Wenxing Ding_U Kansas) Mitochondrial Quality Control: Lessons Learn from Liver Injury
4/23 (Qing Miao_NYU Winthrop) Following phenotype to explore the biological functions of Nogo-B receptor in the brain and liver
4/24 (Congcong He_Northwestern) Autophagic regulation of metabolism in type 2 diabetes
Moderator: Congcong He_Northwestern
4/27 (Biao Wang_UCSF) Luxuskonsumption and gluttony: the tug-of-war
4/28 (Yuwei Jiang_UIC) Fighting fat with fat: on the road to demystify beige adipocyte lineage
4/29 (Shengyi Sun_Wayne State) Regulation of ER Homeostasis in Health and Disease
4/30 (Xiaobo Wang*_Columbia) Function and Regulation of TAZ in NASH
5/1 (Shaodong Guo_TAMU) Insulin Resistance and Precision Nutrition in Prevention of T2D and Chronic Diseases
Moderator: Yi Zhu_Baylor (5/4-5) & Zhuoxian Meng_Zhejiang U (5/6-8)
5/4 (Danny Chou_Stanford U) Re-thinking Principles of Insulin Receptor Engagement
5/5 (Shangang Zhao*_UTSW) Leptin: less is more
5/6 Session on presentation (Chair: Yong Xu, Panelists: Lily Dong, Shuibin Chen & Qingchun Tong)
5/7 (Charlie Dong_Indiana U) A nuclear guard and a cytoplasmic soldier defend the liver integrity
5/8 Session on career development (Chair: Eugene Chen, Panelists: Gen-Sheng Feng, Liangyou Rui & Allison Xu)
Moderator: Zhuoxian Meng_Zhejiang U (5/11-14) & Shengyi Sun_Wayne State (5/15)
5/11 Session on manuscript submission, appeal and revision (Chair: Ling Qi, Panelists: Xiling Shen, Meng Wang & Xiaoyong Yang)
5/12 (Bishuang Cai_Columbia) MerTK in atherosclerosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
5/13 Session on interview (Chair: Chaodong Wu, Panelists: Chih-Hao Lee, Xiaoli Chen, Wen-Xing Ding & Qiong Annabel Wang)
5/14 Session on panel discussion of grant proposal (Chair: Yonghao Yu, Panelists: Jiandie Lin, Jun Liu & Mengwei Zang)
5/15 (Henry Dong_U Pittsburgh) Beta-Cell FoxO1 in Gestational Diabetes
Moderator: Ling Yang_Iowa (5/18-19), Shengyi Sun Wayne State (5/20-21) & Wenxian Fu_UCSD (5/22)
5/18 (Xianghui Fu_Sichuan U): A Single Metabolic Buffer Retards Various Human Diseases
5/19 (Yu An*_UT Southwestern): Obesity: Alzheimer’s of the fat cells?
5/20 (Qiong (Annabel) Wang_City of Hope): Adipose Tissue Remodeling and Cellular Heterogeneity
5/21 (Jichun Yang_PKU): FAM3A-induded ATP release in metabolism: from liver, islet to vessel
5/22 (Gen-Sheng Feng_UCSD) Deciphering the anti-oncogenic effects of pro-oncogenic molecules in the liver
Moderator: Meilian Liu_UNM (5/25-27) & Ling Yang_Iowa (5/28-29)
5/25 (Baoliang Song_Wuhan) Regulations and Functions of Cholesterol Metabolism
5/26, 10am EST (Yu Fu_A*STAR) Feeding regulation by hypothalamic orexigenic neurons
5/27 (Lei Sun_Duke-NUS) Non-Coding Genes in Fat
5/28 (Liang Ge_Tsinghua) A protein translocation pathway for unconventional secretion
5/29 (Chih-Hao Lee_Harvard) Th2 cytokine IL-13 in metabolism
***The last installment of CADA Happy Hour for this semester is transitioned from daily to weekly, i.e. only on Friday 11 AM EST. ***
Moderator: Qingchun Tong UT-Houston
6/12 (Haibin Ruan, U. Minnesota) Of Mice and Men and Beyond: Brown Adipose Tissue Involution with Age.
6/15 CADA Special Celebration Event for Dr. Jiandie Lin on ADA Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award
6/19 (Meng Wang, Baylor College of Medicine) Metabolic Signals in Cellular Homeostasis and Longevity.
6/26 (Huaizhu Wu, Baylor College of Medicine) Metabolic Inflammation in Obesity.
7/3 (Zhiping Pang, Rutgers U.) Synaptic and Circuitry Mechanisms of Neuropeptides on Feeding and Beyond.
7/10 (Qingchun Tong, UT-Houston) A Neural Basis for the “Thrifty” Phenotype.