About Us

The Chinese American Diabetes Association (CADA) is a United States-based non-profit organization committed to advancing scientific research toward the cure of diabetes and related metabolic diseases. Regular members of CADA hold a position of assistant professor or above in an academic institution or of a group leader in a pharmaceutic company. In addition, trainees who are ready to launch their independent research careers with evidence of exceptional potential can join CADA as “rising star” fellows. Established in October 2004 by a group of 20 scientists, the association now has more than 200 active regular members and a dozen of selected “rising star” fellows from North America and Asia Pacific.

The mission of CADA is to provide a platform for its members to communicate and collaborate, to advance the career of its members and scientific research toward the treatment and prevention of diabetes, obesity and its complications.

The CADA is governed by a council comprised of the president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and three board members. The association’s activities are supported by four committees: Program Committee, Communication Committee, Professional Development Committee, and Happy Hour Committee.

The first president of CADA was Dr. Feng Liu at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, who was succeeded by Drs. Jianping Ye at Louisiana State University (2nd), Dr. Lu Cai at University of Louisville (3rd), Dr. Zhongmin Ma at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (4th), Dr. Zhenqi Liu at University of Virginia (5th), Dr. Ji Li at University of Mississippi (6th), Jiandie Lin at University of Michigan (7th), Dr. Ling Qi at University of Michigan (8th), and Dr. Meilian Liu at University of New Mexico (9th). The current president is Dr. Xiaoyong Yang at Yale University and the president-elect is Dr. Qingchun Tong at UT-Houston.

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美国华人糖尿病学会(Chinese American Diabetes Association, CADA)是由在北美高校和研究所担任助理教授以上职位或制药公司担任group leader 职位以上的从事代谢和糖尿病研究的华裔科学家组成。学会成立于2004年10月, 经过十多年的发展,学会已由当初20位成员发展到超过200位成员和10多位Fellows,成员分布于北美、中国大陆、香港、新加坡以及澳大利亚。经过成员多年的共同努力,CADA与CDS以及中国许多科研机构建立了紧密的联系,为中国糖尿病研究的发展做出了重要贡献。


刘峰、叶建平、蔡露、马忠民、刘振启、李忌、林建谍、齐岭、刘美莲教授先后担任学会主席,现任主席是杨晓勇教授, 候任主席是童青春教授。现任学会理事还包括黄文栋、王琼、强力、孟卓贤和陈水冰教授。